Founded 2014

A Community Marketplace for Success, a World Stage for Talent.

Designed specifically for the healthy ambitious, for those creative people to visually promote their talents and/or ideas, to take advantage of the resources here within from advisors towards career support, marketing strategies and personal development growth. Skilleo wants to be your public cheerleader to help you realize your dreams and goals.

Featured Main Stage Performances

"Different Places" by the Shimshaws

6 10 0

Seeking new fans, available on I-Tunes

Hunter Hopewell's "Pretty Good Problems"

2 5 0

One of my songs from two years ago; for more tunes visit

The Whimsical Art of Yuri Kuznetsov

5 7 0

See the video of Yuri's creative art work and consider buying a masterpiece for your home or office.

The art of Brad 'Tiki Shark' Parker

2 7 0

I am looking for new fans who enjoy my island low brow surrealistic art...Tiki Shark


2 1 0

A foreign exchange student unexpectedly moves in with a short tempered American teenager in this modern day Odd Couple.


2 1 0

A compilation of my work thus far. Thanks to everyone who's helped me down the road.

Sierra -- Working towards my acting career

3 9 0

Looking for those who can help me pursue my goals

To be successful you as the skilled and talented must eventually interact with the public. A video performance provides the mirror as others will see you, yet allows the visual audition to be well-rehearsed, and the message modified if need be. Thus, as it will be, your debut will instill self-confidence and your audience will discover that what you offer has value. – S.P. Grogan