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Skilleo Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of Talent Video should I post?

You can post any type of video, even those from your I-phone but keep in mind that you are trying to attract attention, show your Talent, and gain Fans and Producers to advance your career. Quality is important and having your message succinct should be essential.

Your Account Page

Make sure you put in what you want the general public to know about you. You can always go into your account and make changes.

Video Posting Questions

You can contact us with any systems problems, but realize you can make corrections by cancelling the posted video and starting over. Your video may taken several minutes to post depending on how large the video. We do set limits on video size, not wishing it to go over 5 minutes. Over 5 minutes and we can charge you for the additional time you wish to use. This is based on our belief that the goal is to tell your story in a brief amount of time.

What's happening now?

Between February – June 2016 we are in our Beta testing posture where we are adding Talent and Advisors, testing all our own pages and back office systems to provide you with the best in support as we expand.

Featured Quote

None but ourselves can free our minds.

- Bob Marley