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How to become a musical/entertainment star...

You have decided you want to be an entertainer. You have the talent. But what is your first step?  We'd like to hear from you.  It is our suggestion of course that you get active with Skilleo as your advisor and cheerleader.  Another first step is to sit down and realistically make two lists side by side, one of what you think your weakness points are, the other list, your strengths.  The next step is to start a filing system containing among other things, a folder of news articles about the career you are interested in, the second folder are names prominent in that industry that you might eventually want to approach.  What steps have you taken that are positive; let us know. 

I want my book to be a best seller

There are a multitude of websites designed to help write and market your books.  Let us know who and what you feel are the best advice you have received so far.  From all the workshops author S. P. Grogan has attended, here is the concise bullet points he recalls: (1) Finish your book first, (2) seek out an editor so that the manuscript is the best you can show; (3) seek out a literary agent but have patience, this is a hard mountain to climb, meanwhile keep writing.  What has been your success so far?  And if not yet, please let us know what you are seeking.  Perhaps not only post a video here about  your book but read us an excerpt.

Turning my art into a business

Art might be an interpretation of our life and the world as we see it, but in the end if you just want to take your talent, lock it away or put it on walls in your own room, you should not be reading this.  Your art is an expression of yourself, and as such the public should see it, if just to better understand you.  This means your art must find an audience, hence if you have talent, you will rise in success if you spend some time seeing art as a career. Treating art like a business is hard work, but if successful, gives you a comfort of more freedom, as well as supplies a public stage on which your ideas can be viewed.  Let us know what you are working on and how the biz of your art is doing.

I have a great idea for a do I develop it?

We run into too many people who have an idea that will make everyone's daily lives easier and/or comfortable.  But a month later they have gone no farther with moving the idea from a lightbulb in their head into a pragmatic scheme written out on paper.  What is your idea?  Yes, the first thing you need to do is write down the business concept in a strong paragraph. Again, think of the Elevator Pitch. What do you think should be the next step?  My personal thought is you need to see if such an idea already exists as a product.  Too many inventors believe their idea is original.  Check the Patent Office in a simplified overview (more intense later).  Now, what should you do?

How can we improve Skilleo?

We assume you are going to join with us so together we can help you gain success. Skilleo is in a developing mode of trying to provide those tools to assist you in your career goals.  What else can we do that would benefit you?  Let us know.