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About Us

We are on a new adventure, a start-up to becoming winners.  This is our beta test period in our beginning.  As you scroll through various pages you will see our initial steps at formation on a bootstrap budget. Your input and advice is always appreciated. Contact

Here is what we are doing--

Skilleo ™ is a success building platform, allowing participants to post videos for free in order to promote their skills and talents, to improve upon such by joining a community that offers skilled assistance, including a central marketplace of experts to give advice; that Skilleo by its own brand marketing shall expend funds and seek to draw attention to and to promote the talent of its participants either individually or collectively. Succinctly defined the company’s operations shall be a Community & Marketplace Towards Success. Join.

Skilleo is like an American Idol - YouTube – Kickstarter - Angie’s List hybrid that niches itself specifically for people who are seeking to succeed by visually promoting their talent or ideas, and using resources to improve their talent to gain such success. Post Video Free. Marketing Enhancements.

Skilleo was founded by S.P. Grogan who as businessman and author had spent his career gaining an expertise on how to create and market new ventures. He is now interested in imparting years of corporate and personal wisdom. More importantly, by research, he has discovered, not only for himself, but there could be a central gathering marketplace for the ‘self-help’ and ‘advisory’ consulting industry towards offering their services to the public who want to start and/or promote their talents. Skilleo Advisory Council.

With the Advisory Council we went seeking the best in the industry to offer their best wisdom. We also looked for general information that might be of use to people climbing the career ladder or looking for leadership insight.  In seeking advice, investigate carefully on what works best for your character, temperament and needs.  Feel free to put into your Talent Work Sheet what you are seeking and we will seek to add that to our own search for advisors algorithm formula.

The idea for Skilleo came about from S.P. Grogan’s writings as an author.  He had published several historical novels and learned the difficulty of navigating the publishing industry in seeking out first the literary agent, who then would seek out the publisher, who in turn had to find the right reading audience. SPG saw the frustration of many fledgling and published writers who vainly sought recognition by their work, even though they were great writers.   Most initial attempts by wannabe writers ended up discarded on the ‘slush pile’, most never glanced at.  He also had come to value what he saw as the ‘vook’, the video book trailer which provided another medium for a writer to tout and explain his latest work.  An idea germinated, evolving, that a great sales person of their own talent must be prepared to offer a skilled visual presence, a video, demonstrating or explaining their talent. He envisioned a central resource marketplace that would help talented people with healthy ambition, to try to improve themselves as marketers as well as in turn help to find their audience, hence, become a Skilleo. How to.

In writing one of his novels, Atomic Dreams at the Red Tiki Lounge, SPG came in contact with the fun, living-life-to its-fullest, Tiki crowd culture, who, on granting him admittance to their uninhibited tiki

shark artsy and rum-laced and surf-island music world, granted him the revered moniker of ‘Mista G’.

And with such honor, came a ‘bare feet on the sand’ philosophy: in these days of striving, when caught up in the serious demand of careers and time restrained schedules set by others, it is good to know one really has the independent choice of chillin’ out. At the stress points, a Skilleo person, can look at challenges as part of the Game of Life, and not be overwhelmed--knowing when in doubt, go to the beach, re-charge the batteries and re-enter the fray, positive to do your best.  Think Positive Vibes. Read other comments of advice and wisdom from Mista G or the Advisory Council in the Skilleo, the Blog.

Contact Us for suggested improvements to this site, to our goals.  Join us with your stories of

overcoming obstacles and discovering achievement. Skilleo Success Stories.  As a Skilleo, you are part of a larger community of success seekers, willing to first help yourself, and in succeeding, then help others.