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How To…Skilleo… and…become a Skilleo…

This is an interactive community; we want you to participate, set a video goal, and we are going to help you succeed. You begin as Skilleo Talent and we aim to make you a Skilleo Achiever, and finally a Skilleo Star. Above all you will seek in being the best of the best as a Skilleo, a person dedicated towards maximizing themselves to achieve success.

On the Home Page read “About Us”…this gives you a little background.

Decide which video you want to post.  Make sure it is in the best condition to present yourself to the public.  Need help in creating you a quality Video, we have experts who can assist.  And you can post other videos free; but see how the first one looks. Post Video Free.

Make sure you become part of the Skilleo Community. Register.

Two important elements towards achieving your goals:

1.  Eventually, as you work hard, you are going to have to spend budgeted dollars to gain publicity, public recognition, and to improve your skills. Select the best game plan for you. Use our services and experts. Marketing Enhancements.

2. For your benefit, by posting your video with us, and making your particular Skill/Talent available to the public, you are giving Skilleo the right to go out and seek that key contact (producer, publisher , investor, etc.) who will give you a big break, or buy the Talent you offer (like your song). Again, you are giving Skilleo the non-exclusive right, on its own, to market you to the world.

Life’s a Game:

1.  You have posted your video for free, but now to gain Applause Fans and break-out recognition you need to claw up the Skilleo pages to the front of the pack, to the Subject Title Page (ex. the main Music Page) and finally to The Best of on the Home Page. You obtain this goal by playing the Revolving-Ranking Climbing Game. Marketing Enhancements.

2. Submit your Video to one of our planned Skilleo Talent Contests.

3. Tell all your friends to see your video and become your Like - Applause Fans!  

Improving Your Skills:

1.  When you fill out your Registration let us know your career needs, or how we can help. Look to our Skilleo Advisory Council

2. Look for our video wisdoms and read our Skilleo, The Blog, or other our guest bloggers.

3. Participate in our discussion Forums. Shop our Skilleo Emporium And finally, help us improve to help you and others. Contact Us. At Skilleo all of us should offer and accept constructive criticism, always with positive reinforcement. Be a Skilleo Cheerleader to others.

Featured Quote

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

- Vidal Sassoon