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Invitation to join the Skilleo Advisory Council

We are looking for those in the top of their field in giving career advice or positive character reinforcement.

Skilleo is a platform that brings potentially talented people to the attention of experts who can help them develop and build their careers. The experts and consultants on the Advisory Council can use this platform to help people as well as promote the services they offer in their vocation.

Joining the Advisory Council is simple.

  1. Register and create an Advisor Bio, emphasizing your skills and what you offer.

  2. Post a free video of your abilities and offerings.

  3. Send us a positive advisor comment, article and we will post it

  4. Sign up for our Support Group – giving advice to those with career questions

  5. Feel free to search our Talent base and see where you might help.

  6. Consider signing up for the Advisory Enhancements. See Below.


  1. Consider general advertising with Skilleo

  2. Advertise to move your video up to the home page

  3. Work with us to develop a Skilleo program we can offer the Skilleo Talent

  4. Email us for more information

Click here to register NowIt is Free! Post Your Consultant/Advisory Video Free!

We reserve right not to accept you or your company on Advisory Council if you do not meet Skilleo’s standards of need or participation support for Skilleo Talent.

Featured Quote

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

- Richard Branson