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Your visual presentation should be like an ‘elevator pitch’, meaning to explain or show your idea, talent, performance out to the potential Star Finder  in a succinct and short period of time, the time it takes an elevator to rise from the first floor to the 10th floor.  But here we give you 5 minutes free. Need more time, then for a small fee you buy additional Audition Time. 
    Additional  3 minutes for   $25 
   After that $25 a minute, not to exceed 15 minutes.      Anything beyond 20 minutes will have to be negotiated with Skilleo directly.  For those going beyond the 5 minute limit, we will bill you within 24 hours of your upload.

Beyond the Elevator Pitch: if you want the Star Finder (Producer, Agent, or Publisher) to see your entire Performance or Presentation then you add a link and post that video for $199 up to 10 additional minutes.   Again, we are encouraging Talent to make their presentation concise and within a specific time limit.

Professional Presentation of Your Showcase

Certainly, you can post a ‘selfie’ but if you want to be taken seriously you need to provide a professional looking  “Audition Reel”.
Prior to posting our own Skilleo Producers can view the video you provide to us and give helpful hints on what might be needed to dress up the presentation. No cost, just mark on the Audition Form that you want a Skilleo Staffer to give you some advice.
The Professional Look is always the best.  Contact local videographers to help film a quality video, or you can choose from our own stable of videographers scattered around the country. Since this is an Audition for the world to see your ‘Headshot’, you Performance Video, should  be of high quality and professional-looking.
Fill out the Performance Audition Paperwork.  Post your video.

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